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Heading down interstate 129 and have a tire blowout?  May be you got to your kids football game and the car just wouldn’t start in the parking lot.  Now you are wondering is there a tow truck near me! Call Omaha Towing Services and we can help you out with fast, affordable towing.

Do you have a piece of equipment that needs to be moved from one job site to another. Give us a call!  we have moved tool boxes, heavy equipment, pools, hot tubs along with all types of vehicles and we do it right and we do it fast. Let us show you why our clients call us the best tow truck service in Omaha.


We know that if you need us the situation is probably not great. Ran out of gas?  Car won’t turn over? Or may be you have locked those keys inside that car with it running! We have all been there before.  We promise to treat you and all of customers with the upmost respect and will help fix you problem quickly so you can get back on the road.

We specialize in providing fast and affordable towing services for the Omaha area. Some of the professional services we provide are road side assistance, tire service, battery boosts, lockouts, long distance towing, specialty towing and equipment moves.

We can help you out with all your towing needs. Call us today for the best towing service in Omaha, Nebraska.

We Want Your Old Vehichle


Got an old eye sore of a car sitting in your drive way or garage?  How about a car that is just too expensive to repair anymore. We want it! Call us up and we will come and tow it away and pay you cash on the spot for it.

Most auto wreckers will charge you to tow it to them then also charge you to get rid of the tires. WE will come and get it for free and take that old piece of junk of your hands.

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We also have a great inventory of used vehicles at amazing prices. We service everything we sell so you can be assured you are getting a quality used car.

Give us a call if you want to save big money on your next vehicle and find out why we are a top tow truck company in Omaha.

Why we do it

Because service matters!

We care about our clients

We owe you good service for our towing fees. We know it and we honor it. We have highly  trained drivers that believe in delivering only the highest quality work on every job – no matter the size.  When you need a tow truck quick,  that is affordable,  then give Omaha Towing Services a call right  now.

Best towing rate anywhere!

We have the absolute best towing rate in Omaha.  Give us a call or email to get a quick free quote that is always honored.

We shop the rates of other tow truck companies so we know what they offer, and we stay more affordable than anyone around.


We  deliver our towing services on time and for a fair and honest quote. Period. Our clients are out partners throughout the vehicle service, whether it is a simple tow, fixing a flat or helping clear out  an accident scene.

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